A program designed to achieve educational goals through competence based learning.

Educational goals are achieved through the acquisition of basic competences.

This project recognises two kinds of competence; To begin with, there are the basic “transversal” or cross-curricular competencies, which are developed in all areas of learning and can be applied to all areas of development. Then there are the more specific competencies related to particular areas of study or fields of knowledge. Both types form the basis of the ability to manage life situations effectively and to adequately solve problems that arise.

The ​Eraldatuz ​project aims to develop these competences by taking as its starting point Problem – Solving Scenarios. These are concrete learning situations which contain a conflict or problem that is recognisable to the students and relatable to their own lives, in which an adequate and efficient solution is required.

The project integrates the Basque National Curriculum requirements with the methodological proposal of the Havard model; ​Project Zero, ​specifically ​Visible thinking, Teaching for Understanding a​ nd ​Multiple Intelligences .