Our comprehensive educational model seeks to nurture, in values and in knowledge, those young people who will transform the future. Our way of doing things might be characterised as Made in Kristau Eskola.

Hand in hand with our students, we progress in unison, day by day, as we guide them in their search for their own life project, a life project in which they flourish and are receptive and committed to their immediate and wider environment.

Our educational project has at its centre the importance of nurturing fully-rounded individuals.This will allow the children we educate today, to respond to the challenges that they will have to face in the future.


We seek the PERSONAL WELL-BEING of each student, accompanying them on their journey of growth and discovery of their own life project.


We promote SHARED RESPONSIBILITY based on the awareness of a common origin, a mutual belonging and the need for a sustainable future shared by all.

We work towards the development of attitudes and lifestyles characterised by moderation, thankfulness, voluntarism and harmony between our world and its people, made manifest especially in our immediate surroundings and community.


We educate the values of caring for others. Our commitment is to a fellowship that seeks to accompany and embrace those in more disadvantaged situations than ours. Our aim is to foster a more inclusive society and one with greater equality of opportunity.


We seek to respond to contemporary society’s needs in the area of education in an consistently INNOVATIVE way. We understand that education is a common good which is in continuous evolution and that it must be anchored in the society it serves.