Kristau Eskola

Kristau Eskola is the representative body of a large network of Christian schools in the Spanish Basque Country, which leads the way in an educational project of recognised quality and innovation.

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The association is made up of more than 8000 education professionals, working with 90.000 families in 125 schools throughout the Basque Country.

Our most valuable resource however are the many thousands of young people that form our educational community. In a plural society, in which there are a variety of different visions of what a Holistic Education should look like, there are a number of defining characteristics which form the basis of our educational project. Our project has its roots in Christian Humanism and as such aims to:

  • Defend and protect the dignity of every individual.
  • Provide a values – based education in which the individual’s life experience is enriched by the contribution of those values.
  • Offer the opportunity to the individual to develop a rich interior life based on the possibility of discovering meaning through personal transcendence.
  • Favour the development of an individual and a collective consciousness.