Educational project

The pedagogical model of Kristau Eskola is one that recognizes the importance of an ever increasing ​personalization​ of the educational experience.

It is a model that aims to awaken the intelligence and mobilize the natural potential of each individual, favouring their engagement and striving, while attempting to adapt to the different learning styles and pace of progress of each student.

Our methodological approach aims to encourage curiosity and autonomous learning through investigation and which takes into account not only the needs of the student but also their own interests.

We aim to help our students acquire the skills necessary to continue learning throughout their lives and so be better able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. As part of our Holistic approach, we aim to strengthen and develop all aspects of learning:

  • The development of cognitive and intellectual capacity in order to meaningfully interpret the myriad of complex information in the modern world.
  • The development of interpersonal and emotional skills in order to comprehend the variety of individual realities from an empathetic standpoint.
  • The realization of physical and psychomotor capacities inherent in each individual.
  • The development of communicative abilities in and across different languages in order to transform merely personal concepts into those which can be universally understood.
  • The development of an interpersonal and social conscience, in order to strive against injustice, poverty and marginalization.
  • The development of an inner life which allows for the transcendence of individuality ,and the awareness that individual well-being is bound up with collective well-being. and vice-versa.